Founded in 1981, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation was created by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to implement L.A. County’s economic development program through land development, project financing and marketing activities.

During its history, the LAEDC has evolved from being a facilitator of the County’s industrial bond development program to being Southern California’s premier economic development organization. Just as the region’s economy has grown, so have the breadth and impact of the LAEDC’s programs and services. Let us know how we can help!

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A Discussion With Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

LAEDC:  Assemblyman Smyth, thanks for sharing your thoughts with our readers in the Los Angeles County region. You have served California’s 38th Assembly District since 2006, and we appreciate your efforts as an advocate for your community and businesses in the region.  Can you share with us what it means to represent one of the largest economic regions in the state and arguably the nation?

California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R – Santa Clarita):  Representing such a large economic region comes with the responsibility to govern in a way that implements thoughtful policies that consider tomorrow’s environment while fostering the right atmosphere for business to succeed and our economy to thrive.  This means making the effort to reach out and work with a diverse cast of elected officials to make certain that well-balanced policies are pursued.   For example, last year I was happy to be part of a bipartisan effort, including the Governor, which advocated for broad based tax reform that would have provided tax relief to small businesses and the middle class in Los Angeles and throughout California.  This is critically important given our current economic situation as I believe the effects of a booming Los Angeles are positively felt throughout California.  For my part, as I end my tenure in the state Assembly I will continue to look for ways to work across the aisle to the benefit of both my home region and the state.

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