Founded in 1981, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation was created by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to implement L.A. County’s economic development program through land development, project financing and marketing activities.

During its history, the LAEDC has evolved from being a facilitator of the County’s industrial bond development program to being Southern California’s premier economic development organization. Just as the region’s economy has grown, so have the breadth and impact of the LAEDC’s programs and services. Let us know how we can help!

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      White House links LA Makerspace to initiative to "encourage young people to create and build and invent"

Tell everyone what you want to do and then do it. I promise you that people will show up…And, encourage everyone to teach something. The best way to retain what you learn is to teach it to others. Simply explaining what you made to someone else or showing them how to use a particular tool is one of the best ways to build up community and life-long friendships. We have highly skilled parents who come to our events who have never taught before, not even to their kids—because they just don’t consider themselves as teachers. Once they are in the space, though, teaching just happens naturally and they can use their knowledge and abilities to help others. All of a sudden someone who didn’t consider themselves in this capacity before has that “a-ha!” moment.

Growth Underway in L.A. County’s Creative Economy

Read the full report here.

Report: Creative economy brings 340,000 jobs, billions of dollars to Los Angeles economy - Southern California Public Radio

"We have entered an age of ideas that emphasizes originality that cannot easily be outsourced," said Otis College President Samuel Hoi. "We are in a new economy that demands a creative and skilled workforce. "

L.A. entertainment industry on the mend, Otis report says - L.A. Times

The digital media sector was forecast to grow the fastest — a point underscored by the decision to present the Otis report’s findings at Google’s new digital production facility, called YouTube Space LA, in Playa Vista. Fueled by demand for video games and the proliferation of screens on smartphones and tablets, digital media employment is expected to grow 11.3% from this year to 2015, the report said.

      College Awarded 'Center for International Trade Development' Designation

College of the Canyons has received approval from the state Chancellor’s Office to establish a Center for International Trade Development (CITD). This new program will be operated in collaboration with the Small Business Development Center hosted by College of the Canyons (SBDC), opening the doors to begin providing resources, training sessions, expert business advice and consulting services in the areas of international trade. The CITD system was established in 1998 to help promote the state’s high capacity for international trade competitiveness, assist exporter/importers excel in the international market and continually advance the state’s economic and job growth.

Congratulations to LAEDC member College of the Canyons! The College has a long history of working to make California a more competitive trade destination, and this most recent program will bring even greater impact to Los Angeles County and California at large.

Read our most recent international trade outlook report here.

      Learning That Works

A must read by Joe Klein for Time Magazine:

Clyde McBride is one of those everyday saints who, without much fanfare, go about the work of changing, and sometimes saving, the lives of children. He teaches agricultural science on the Navajo reservation in Kayenta, Ariz. He’s a memorable-looking fellow, with his cowboy hat, horsehide tie and a body like a giant sack of flour perched on tiny toothpick legs. His most notable characteristic, though, is his persistence. When a new school superintendent arrived in town a few years ago, McBride parked himself on the guy’s doorstep. “He came in and gave me the ‘I have a dream’ speech,” says superintendent Harry Martin. “I told him I’d think about it, but he wouldn’t let me think about it. He was bugging me three, four times a week about it.”

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Scary employment stat of the day: 29.1% of American males between the ages of 18-24 who have served a tour of duty in the military after 9/11 are currently unemployed.

This is where Hiring Our Heroes hopes to make an impact. Check out this great piece from NBCLA on Los Angeles-area soldiers returning from overseas to find new challenges as they transition to higher education.

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